👋 Hi, I'm João Abel

I write code for web applications.

🏠 I grew up in Portugal and I've been living in Berlin, Germany since the start of 2019.

⌨️ I work as a web developer since 2016 and specialize on the front-end, with React.

🎨 Sometimes I collaborate on media art web projects. You can contact me if you want to bring an idea to the web.

💼 Work

👨‍💻 I'm working as a front end engineer, with full-stack experience, and like to focus on UX, accessibility, performance, and maintainability.

I enjoy working with high standards of quality and in teams with well-defined, but flexible processes.

Most of my experience is with e-commerce and design systems, and my top skills are React, ​Javascript and CSS.

📃 Please check my CV if you'd like to know more: CV.pdf

⚗️ Experiments & Side Projects

I like to rely on NextJS and on my free time I've been experimenting with Svelte and ThreeJS!

🦕 This very website was built with NextJS and it shall forever be a work in progress!

The following are two recent media art projects by Santa France which I implemented on the web. I recommend reading the curator notes on their respective galleries. Keep in mind these are desktop-only.

"The Rupture I" (2020)

🖼️ Artwork by Santa France. Interactive 3D web collage with ThreeJS. Exhibited on Immersive RIXC - "Sensoria". 🎧 Headphones recommended.

rupture image previewView

"Beyond the Call of Duty" (2021)

🖼️ Artwork by Santa France. Interactive artwork of 120 frames on a canvas. Exhibited on Transmediale - "For Refusal". 📷 Try with your camera on.

beyond the call of dutyView

💬 Social Media & Contact

🐦 I have a Twitter which shouldn't be taken very seriously and often gets political, but sometimes I also post about tech. Feel free to follow!

I have a habit of tracking the media I consume and sometimes organizing it into lists or write a few comments. It helps me to reflect and remember particular details a bit better.

📽️ I keep track of all the good, bad and ugly movies I watch on Letterboxd. One of my current long-term goals is watching every Nicolas Cage movie.

🎵 Music is very important. I love playing with my KORG Volca synths, sometimes to DJ, and I have some playlists on Spotify.

🎮 I've been playing a bunch of videogames since I was a kid. Nowadays I enjoy them not only as entertainment, but also as works of digital art. Of course I also have a list of my all-time favorites.

a picture of me

It me!

— @jonnybel